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BMX'ness - It's in our blood...

Wichita Old School BMX, or WOSBMX to most, began in 2015 when a few local Wichita guys (some guy named Cassidy and a KSBMXHOF'er Mike Allred) decided building and collecting old school BMX bikes just wasn't enough.  It was time to dust off their BMX rides and see if there were any like-minded people out there.  Armed with a make shift poster, a custom logo from a guy in Philly named Chromey and a Craigslist account to advertise, they got to work.  With the hopes that ten or twelve people might show, everyone seemed astonished when about 35 riders assembled.  The chrome, mags and number plates all brought back memories and new bonds were formed while old ones resurfaced.

There seemed to be something to this and suddenly there was some "BMX Buzz" in the area about an Old School BMX Group.  People started coming in from out of state from places like Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania and even California.  With the support of Bicycle X-Change Shops and Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop the WOSBMX group began to establish roots and riders, collectors and BMX fans started coming out of the wood work.  

With hundreds of local and out of state members supporting the ride locally and nearly one thousand out of state and out of country virtual members supporting globally, WOSBMX has continued to grow as a regional BMX community.  By partnering with Bicycle X-Change Shops, Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop, Emery BMX Park, Park City BMX, Heartland BMX, as well as BMX oriented businesses like Two-Cycle Michael Number Plates/Race Team and Hardcore Machine Works, WOSBMX has evolved into a BMX Race Team, regularly offered soft-goods and will soon be offering up the first run off BMX Components in 2019.

WOSBMX is a community that is sure to get your wheels turnin'.

Get out and ride!


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