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Phone: (316) 262-9878
Address: 908 W Douglas Ave Wichita, Ks

Website: www.bicyclex-change.com/

A Wichita Cycling Legacy Since 1973
The Bicycle X-Change Shops have been a cycling staple in Wichita for over 45 years! Voted Wichita's Best Bike Shop for the 7th year in a row in 2018 and having the honor of being named one of America's TOP 100 Bike Shops for 5 years— no one has more experience when it comes to helping you with all your cycling needs.
With bikes and accessories from over 100 different brands, we have the selection to make sure you get exactly what you need to take your cycling experience to the next level.
The Bicycle X-Change is the largest TREK dealer in the Midwest, with the best in-stock bicycle selection around. We have hundreds of bicycle styles and sizes, setup and ready to go! BXC also has the region’s only Certified Trek Fit Specialist, Patrick Scanga. Setup an appointment to get fitted to your bike today!


Phone: (316) 264-3693
Address: 1960 South Broadway Wichita, Ks

Website: www.tomsawyerbicycleshop.com/

Tom and Louise Sawyer started a bicycle and mower shop on Broadway and Mt. Vernon in 1963.  In 1972 the bicycle industry grew so Tom and Louise built the current building and became a bicycle shop.  In 1998 Tom and Louise retired and sold the bicycle shop to Alan Keimig who had worked for them since 1972.
We believe in complete customer satisfaction. This means that you have our personal promise that we'll work hard on each and every aspect of our service.
If you have a specific problem that you need us to address feel free to bring it up with one of our friendly, honest representative.
We'll be sure to consider every one of your needs carefully before making the appropriate recommendations. Remember, here at our shop we're not satisfied until you're completely satisfied.



Emery LOGO.jpg

Phone: (316) 522-8214
Address: 2339 E MacArthur Rd, Wichita, Ks

Website: www.emeryparkbmx.com/

Emery Park BMX has been operating the race track at Emery Park in partnership with the Wichita Parks and Recreation Department since 1985 . We provide our services to hundreds of Wichita Metropolitan Area children and their families each week. We are a non-profit organization staffed 100% by community volunteers, and over these years we have built this facility entirely through the hard work of our many volunteers and through the generous donations of cash, materials and labor from local individuals and businesses.


Phone: (928) 533-8680
Address: 6801 N Hydraulic Park City, Ks

Website: www.usabmx.com/tracks/1909

Park City BMX is a Non-Profit Organization, ran by volunteers that host weekly USA BMX sanctioned races and practices. Annually Park City BMX will host race participants from 3 YRS to 73 YRS old. Both boys and girls young and old continue to enjoy the Olympic Sport of BMX Racing. The individualized sport of BMX is a great character builder and helps develope strong interpersonal skills that last a life time. You'll meet some of the best people through BMX, you'll quickly develope a whole new group of friends and family through BMX. Our race season starts early spring and runs through the Thanksgiving Holiday. The track is open to the public for riding as long as we're not  having a sanctioned practice or race. The only other times the track is closed is when it's wet, muddy, or we have equipment on the track for maintenance.



Phone: (785) 271-1269
Address: 4801 SW Shunga Dr Topeka, Ks

Website: www.usabmx.com/tracks/1116

USA BMX Tracks are the best in the country. Come out to one today and check out the awesome sport of Bicycle Motocross Racing!

2018 Board Members

Track Operator/President: Mike and Emily Brent
Vice President/Treasure/Track Coach: Brian Tabor
Secretary: Jacob Nelson
Trustee: Joe Mason
Track Foreman: Howard Stice


Phone: (316) 789-6011
Email: info@2cyclemichaels.com

Website: www.2cyclemichaels.com/

Let us create artwork for your bike. Send us an email and let us show you what we can do.



Phone: (316) 263-2565
Address: 624 E Harry Wichita, Ks

Website: www.loraccompany.com/

The LORAC Company began in 1986 and is located in Wichita, Kansas. We offer a wide range of services including fabricated basement window-well covers; Metal Cleaning and Metal Fabrication; and Powder Coating services. Our clientele includes the general public as well as home builders and other manufacturers.

Kansas Dry Stripping

Phone: (316) 788-8923
Address: 6017 South Oliver Derby, Ks

Website: www.ksdrystripping.com

Uncompromizing Customer Satisfaction!

Kansas Dry Stripping began with the premise that there had to be a better way to remove paint than using old fashioned sand paper, grinding and messy chemicals. We discovered such a process when introduced to new technology used by the military and West Coast civilian companies called plastic media blasting.

We continue to investigate the latest technologies to provide you with the finest stripping services available now and in the future.

Through rigid quality control and experienced personnel we look forward to greeting our customers again and again. 

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